Hair Regain

Hair Regain is a two part herbal hair growth products that can stimulate the re-growth of hair. It claims to bring back the missing hair in a natural way and includes a special treatment and a shampoo that revitalises your scalp.

It has a DHT blocking system in it and has all of the right herbs to stimulate the hair follicles and produce good results.

The manufacturer

Hair Regain is produced by Herbal Essentials, who have been trading for over 10 years their offices are based in Santa Monica USA. They have been making a wide range of herbal alternatives to combat hair loss for many years and have a loyal customer based.

Why it works well

The reason why this product works so well is that it has a really good system that blocks DHT. This is the testosterone that is not good for hair and your body produces a lot of it if you have an abnormal genetic disorder. This is usually called baldness and is passed down through generations of men.

Some of the main ingredients you’ll find in this solution is lemongrass which is good for cleansing oily skin. Also there is a horse tail which is a herb that contains important proteins and connective tissues that helps skin and bones. And lastly there is say each which has an agent in it that helps stimulates the central nervous system.

This combination of herbs used in the correct proportions can show results between 3 to 6 months. The beauty of this product is you can use as much as you want because it is all herbal and will not damage your skin in any way. Also there are no side effects from this so is suitable for people with all skin types.

Our verdict

This is yet another herbal remedy that is has no scientific backing. What’s you see here is a combination of ingredients that is help stimulate the body and if applied to the right area can the to an increase in hair growth.

As with all non-chemical solutions to hair loss is dependent on person hell you reacts ingredients. There have been positive sponsors to this particular brands and they use a slightly different combination of herbs and most other brands use. If you are into herbal treatments or would like the one try then we recommend is this as a alternative to other vitamin packed natural methods. You will need to give this at least six months to see any real noticeable results.

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